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#FolkloreFOMO – June 2020

#FolkloreFOMO – June 2020

White Rabbits! Brown Hares! And blimey, I’ve actually reached month six of the project. So far I’ve been in the sea, I’ve been in the attic, I’ve planted, I’ve foraged, I’ve eaten, a lot, I’ve invoked, I’ve burnt, I’ve made, weighed, played and sprayed, and I still have another seven months to go. Isn’t it time you subscribed?

In the words of Rodgers and Hammerstein, June is Bustin’ Out All Over with the ritual year gearing up to its midpoint. And we are folklore a-go-go this month. We’ve just started Whitsuntide, have two first days of summer, a solstice, a midsummer, an old midsummer, the longest day, the old longest day, Father’s Day, and a horse skull obby oss pops up again, and that’s just the old standards.

But what about your June? What’s traditional for you as Gemini slides into Cancer? Will you be playing pooh-sticks? Charming worms? Watching the weather? Dancing skyclad? Donning St John’s Wort? Baking dew into cakes? Tell me! I want to know! Especially, now I’m bereft of potatoes, I want to know your gardening traditions – what should I be doing this month other than planting hollyhocks on St Nectan’s Day (obviously)? Do you have any rituals for the full moon? What about celebrating the solstice? And what instant tradition are you hoping to leave behind this month? I for one, am hoping it will be the tradition of holding up a sign that says ‘have you turned the volume up?’ I’ll never be cocky enough not to suffer from #FolkloreFOMO, so help a pal out, eh? 

So here’s your glimpse into how I’m going to be seeing out the first half of 2020:

3 June – Doing my laundry and drinking rum for Mother Shipton’s Holiday

11 June – Getting my needles out for International Yarnbombing Day

23 June – Staking out the Broadwater Skeletons

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Right, I’m off to find some Scotch Whisky… Happy first meteorological first day of summer!

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