How To Wiggle Your Ears While Keeping Your Face Completely Straight

#8 Jon Murphy

Lunchtime, Dan and Neil’s back garden, Fishersgate, East Sussex
#8 Jon Murphy
  1. Position yourself in front of a mirror and close your eyes
  1. Relax. You will need to zone out and concentrate simultaneously, thus creating a heightened state of awareness. This is similar to techniques used in Tai Chi
  1. The muscles responsible for wiggling are attached behind the ears. Your aim is to locate them by mentally feeling your way around your head, becoming aware of all the different muscle groups
  1. When you are confident you have found them, open your eyes and flex. Observe results in the mirror
  1. The ear wiggling muscles are independent so nothing else in your face should be moving

Try not to move your nose at the same time like a little rabbit 

  1. Unlike tongue rolling, wiggling your ears is not genetically controlled therefore anyone, with practise, can do it
  1. The only time it’s difficult to wiggle your ears is when laughing or tensing your face
  1. Even with regular homework of 30 minutes a day, don’t be surprised if the process takes 10 – 15 years to master 

(all How Tos are to be followed at the reader’s own risk)