1 June 2020 – Whit Monday

Today I’ve been gazing out the window, and drinking whisky all in the name of folklore. It’s St Wite’s Day, aka St Wistan’s Day, aka Whit Monday, and it’s said that on Whit Monday the weather should be the opposite to what it was on Ascension Day. Only trouble is, Ascension Day was just as glorious as today. 

So to drown my predictive weatherlore sorrows, I’ve been helping myself to a wee dram, as today is also the 526th anniversary of the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland recording the first Scotch Whisky. Well, it would be rude not to. So Slàinte mhath to Friar John Cor for his malty aqua vitae! Or as we like to say in Sussex, up your chuff! 

And if you haven’t already, please check out this month’s #FolkloreFOMO post – I can always do with a little help with my folklore and this month is no exception. 

Welcome to June…


Cooper, Q. and Sullivan, P. (1994) Maypoles, Martyrs & Mayhem: 366 Days of British Myths, Customs & Eccentricities, London, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

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