The Billy Ray? Project

I’m obsessed with the song Son of a Preacher Man. There, I’ve said it. Years ago, far too many to count, I ironed shirts for two weeks straight, listening to the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, listening to Dusty Springfield singing about Billy Ray being the only one who could ever teach her. And the song became ingrained.

After the ironing finished, I went to work on a play in Leeds. And the director was a Son of a Preacher Man. I worked on another play, and so was the Lighting Designer. And then there was the Front of House Manager who then became my Tour Manager. Not to mention the actor that used to make me blush. I began noticing that they were in Parliament too. And writing books. And on the radio. And being Doctor Who (twice). I went from not thinking about sons of preacher men at all, to being quietly fascinated with what they could teach me.

So I decided to find out….

I’ve been around the UK a bit, around Australia and New Zealand. I’ve been taught how to make a raspberry soufflé, how to do a Haka, how to put a plank on a boat, and one of my personal favourites, how to calculate the square root of any number without using a calculator. I took a break for a bit, but now I’m back asking questions, taking photographs and learning stuff. You can read all about it on my blog. Just click the Billy Ray? Project category in the footer and read what’s been, then sign up to get new posts to find out how I’m getting along.

It’s funny, even in my wildest dreams, I never thought a Son of a Preacher Man would teach me how to skateboard…  Now try and get the song out of your head. Go on. Try.

It’ll never happen.

Trust me.

Click on each image to find out what they taught me…