I started life as a stage manager and prop maker. Amongst other things, I ran a pub theatre, made giant strap-on penises, and toured all over with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In 2001, I began studying photography. In 2004, I graduated Northbrook College in Worthing with what went on to become My Celebrity Boyfriend. In order to fund my photography habit I became a PA. This led to me being the Assistant to Michael Boyd, Artistic Director of the RSC and then to David Lan, Artistic Director of the Young Vic. I now VA to fund my writing habit. So if you need any Virtual Assisting, get in touch

As well as doing my own thing, I’ve been a stills photographer for film and theatre, worked with refugees and asylum seekers, taught literacy and been a qualified children’s shoe fitter. The Billy Ray? Project, a study of sons of preacher men, started in 2006 and has carried on despite lots of things getting in the way.

In 2014, I graduated with a degree from the Open University and in December 2016, I graduated Goldsmiths with an MA in Creative and Life Writing. I’ll be starting an MA in Folklore Studies at the University of Hertfordshire in September 2019.

Portrait of me © Betty Beston – she’s ace.