Folklore Agony

Folklore Agony

Are you at the end of your yan tan tether? Has conventional advice let you down? Are you suffering from a mounting mither?

Well worry no more! The Folklore Agony Aunt is now on hand to unfurl your flap with a dose of folkloric wisdom. Don’t know how much to charge your great nephew for a wart removal? The Folklore Agony Aunt will help you calculate. Confused about which root vegetable to rub on what part of your body? The Folklore Agony Aunt has the recipe. Unsure at what moment in the lunar cycle you should be-stride a stile in order to dream of your future husband? The Folklore Agony Aunt has the knack with the almanac.

Or maybe your problem is something more mundane? Take Conflicted of Walford, they got in touch to ask:

Dear Folklore Agony Aunt

I’m in a terrible fix. I overheard something I shouldn’t have. But now I know this thing, I’m just bursting to tell someone. I mean this is juicy stuff. Like OMG juicy. But if I do say something, I just know it’ll all go pear shaped. What should I do?

Dear Conflicted of Walford

Breathe. And then find some bees. Bees love gossip. In fact, if a bee feels they’ve been left out of some salacious scandal, the stripy little diva will shove off, cutting you dead forever. And the best thing is, whatever you say to them, they never tell. Except each other, but who amongst us speaks bee? So find yourself a hive, and whisper your secret, and hopefully your need to divulge will be satisfied. If not, might I suggest you steer clear of any Christmas or New Year knees ups, replayings of video tapes at family gatherings, and all black cabs.

Good Luck!  

The Folklore Agony Aunt

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Whatever’s on your mind, dish your dilemma. And let the Folklore Agony Aunt lay down the lore…

Disclaimer: Nothing spouted by the Folklore Agony Aunt should be regarded as a replacement for seeking proper counselling, legal, financial or medical advice. The Folklore Agony Aunt and Liza Frank are not responsible or liable for any actions or decisions taken arising from content on this website or from communication with the Folklore Agony Aunt and Liza Frank. Basically, it’s on your own head.

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