How to Channel your Guardian Angel

#1 Mike Russell

Mike’s Flat, Brighton, East Sussex

#1 Mike Russell
  1. Find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit where you feel unselfconscious and relaxed. Sit with both feet flat on the floor with your arms loose, hands in your lap or to your sides
  1. You must ground yourself. Take a slow breath in and then when you breathe out imagine that air is coming from deep within your body from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers, flowing through you and then down into the ground. Repeat until you feel heavy and connected with the earth
  1. You must protect yourself, this is very important as you will be opening yourself up and making yourself vulnerable. Visualise any form or shape surrounding you, for example a pyramid or a ball of golden light. Just knowing that it’s there and that it protects you does the job
  1. Once you are grounded and protected, close your eyes. Breathe deeply and evenly. Find a space where you are calm and your mind is clear as possible and you are open to all possibilities. Then just ask them to be here in your mind. There is no language, just intention and feeling
  1. Once you have called your Guardian Angel you can ask them to heal you both mentally and physically, to be with you and comfort you. You can even ask them their name
  1. Don’t be surprised if you can’t quite get it first time. When you become more familiar with this process you can use it anywhere and at any time, like when you’re trying to find a parking space. They don’t mind, they only have unconditional love for us

(all How Tos are to be followed at the reader’s own risk)