Thank yous

Thank yous

I’ve never been able to work in a vacuum, and quite honestly, I’m suspicious of those who do. So here’s my ever growing list of thank yous for The Everyday Lore Project, without whom none of this would have been possible*.

Dr Sally Adams
Claire Andrews
James Aslett
Jane Bartlett
Rachel Blake
Olympia Brown
Lucy Bryson
Henry Caporoso
Scout Caporoso
Centre for Folklore, Myth and Magic
Susannah Colgate
Alex Curci
Prof Owen Davies
Susan Diab
Holly Elsdon
Dan Elwick
Nina Emett

Sarah Fitzpatrick
Em Fleming
Professor Chris French
Ben Gazur
Tim George
Stevie Glover
Amy Gulick
Allen Henderson
Elizabeth Howard
Dr Ceri Houlbrook
Paul Hunter
Lauren Hyams
Andy Marlow
Freya Marlow
Michaela Miles
Charlie Miles
Emma Norton
Jenny O’Sullivan
Charlotte Owen
Jemima Packington
Tom Ryalls

Sarah Sheerman-Chase
Averil Shepherd
Karin Shook
Claire Slack
Dr Richard Stephens
Jaymie Tapsell
Jenifer Toksvig
Simon Thomas
Hildegunn MS Traa
Sandra Unerman
John Varah
Robert Wells
Id Wheatley
Dr Sara Louise Wheeler
Geraint Williams
Lowri Williams
Kate Wilsea

*If you can’t see yourself, let me know! Apols in advance.

And also a big thank you to everyone who’s engaged with me on Twitter and in the comments. You’ve made everything so much more fun!