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1 November 2021 – Samhain. Again

1 November 2021 – Samhain. Again

To be honest, I was too busy watching horror films and hoovering up unacceptably high levels of carbohydrates yesterday to revisit the Halloween tasks I failed to achieve last year. I did, however, remember at the last minute to shove another cabbage leaf under my pillow to see if my one true love would appear to me in my dreams. He didn’t. Or at least I don’t think he did, as my recollection of last night is a bit fuzzy. Excessive sugar and salt can do that to a person.

Anyway, disappointment aside, welcome to All Hallows Summer, pinch punch, white rabbits, brown hares and the like. And don’t forget to watch the skies today so as to predict the weather this Christmas…

By the way, I’m thinking, just amorphously you understand, of running another folklore project. Would that be of interest? If so, what would you most like to read about?

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4 comments on “1 November 2021 – Samhain. Again”

  1. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth says:

    Another project would be excellent! All of them would be interesting.

    1. Thank you! There’s quite an overlap so I might be able to sneak all sorts in irrespective of the category!

  2. Rachel Fox says:

    I love reading your posts – they always tell me something new and they make me smile! Thank you!

    1. That’s such a lovely thing to write, thank you! Glad you like them!

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