2 November 2021 – All Souls’ Day. Again

I wasn’t meaning to post again so soon after yesterday, but then I was reminded of this:

the Soul cake I made this time last year with my lovely friends, Sarah and Robert, that I set aside for luck. It’s been sitting on my kitchen window sill and I had honestly forgotten what it was. Until today. And despite an unrelentingly challenging year, I’m going to go folklore for the win! Because on balance I have been lucky this year. Whether or not that’s to do with the properties of the Soul cake is another matter, but I’ll take it. Also, who doesn’t like a day devoted to death and biscuits?

Enjoy the last day of Allhallowtide and don’t forget to tell me your folklore preference, should I decide to run another project…

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  1. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth
    2 November 2021

    I shall quickly make soul cakes this evening before my online class.

  2. Liz
    2 November 2021

    Hi Lisa,
    Love your posts. I’ve voted for one option but really I’d like all of them!
    Wishing you a happy folklore rest of the year.

    • 2 November 2021

      Hi Liz, thank you! And have a lovely happy folklore rest of the year too!

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