3 Day Folklore Challenge

Shopping List!

Shopping List!

It’s shopping list day! Above are the bits and bobs you’ll need for the Everyday Folklore 3 Day Challenge. Nothing too onerous, I hope. 

On Monday you’ll be wanting the fig and the and/ors for a bit of aphrodisiac folklore science (however, you’ll only need what you want to test). On Tuesday the bay leaves, envelope and pen will be setting you up for some spooky love divination, and on Wednesday you’ll be after the rest to toast a load of cobblers. 

I’ll be posting your instructions on the morning of the relevant day, each folklore mission shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete and I will be reporting back at the end of every day to share how I get on. And fingers crossed you’ll reply with all your findings too!

For those not yet subscribed to my blog, it might be an idea to sign up so you don’t miss the instructions as I’ll only be posting them here and on Twitter and Bluesky. Just scroll down any page to find the sign up box. But everyone, please spread the word far and wide! It would be such a craic if lots of people joined in the challenge. Besides who doesn’t need a bit of #FolkloreALong daftness to brighten up their day? Especially on a Tuesday…

Right then, see you all on Monday for some saucy Scorpio shenanigans… If you have any questions in the meantime, just leave me a comment!

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