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3 December 2020 – Itchy Feet

3 December 2020 – Itchy Feet

I had something else pencilled in for today, but then I got an itchy left foot and decided to investigate that instead. I’ve done itching before as back in March I had an itchy palm. That was supposed to mean I was coming into money. Or not coming into money. The advice was very conflicting.  

However, with itchy feet, all the sources say it’s about new things coming up, like travelling to new places (hence the expression having itchy feet), or wearing new shoes. Which apparently is great if it’s your right foot that’s doing the business, but less than stellar if it’s on the left. 

The itching started almost immediately after I’d submitted the lengthy piece of work I’ve been glued to for weeks. Safe to say my imagination is now running rampant. At this rate, I might have to stuff that larch cone back down my bra again.


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