2 December 2020 – Basil

Super quick one tonight as, you know, Other Life. I’ve been chewing basil leaves, as it’s said that eating basil increases concentration and creativity, two traits I seem to be lacking today. Of all days.

So far, I’ve not felt any different. Except now I have a hankering for pesto. Had there been more time, I might have decocted a few sprigs and tried a bit of astral projection. Maybe next time.


Baker, M. (2019) Discovering The Folklore of Plants, Oxford, Shire Publications



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  1. Libby
    3 December 2020

    Absolutely understand about low concentration levels especially when needed. You have been doing brilliantly. I chew gum as I have heard it lowers anxiety levels.

    • 3 December 2020

      Thank you! And thanks for the tip about the gum, might have to invest in some Juicy Fruit…

  2. Glorious Barbara
    3 December 2020

    Hmmmm…if it didn’t work, perhaps the folklore around basil is fawlty?

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