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27 March 2020 – Itchy Palm

27 March 2020 – Itchy Palm

Today I’ve had a very itchy right palm and the folklore advice is conflicting. Some say it’s a sign I’m about to lose money, while others tell of the reverse. Some say if my palm itches I should rub it in my hair, and however many hairs I touch will correlate to the amount of money I shall receive (well, I do have very thick hair, and I did get paid today…). But then others say if I want to attract money I should scratch my palm in my pocket (and yes, doing this does look as dodgy as it sounds). While a final source says if you give in to the itch, the money will be diverted. Which is a fat lot of good now.

So in all this confusion, and despite all of the above, the best piece of advice I’ve gained from today is far more mundane: don’t search the internet for ‘itchy right palm’. Not if you want to preserve your sanity and especially if you’ve just eaten vast quantities of carbohydrates and chocolate.

Oh and by the way, I also read that it’s said a clammy palm denotes an amorous owner. Just leaving that there.


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