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26 August 2020 – 66 Days Until

26 August 2020 – 66 Days Until

Two things: today marks the 2/3rds way through anniversary of The Everyday Lore Project. Woo hoo! Only another 133 days to go… And also, it’s only 66 days until Halloween. Which at the moment feels much more exciting.

I love Halloween for many reasons, but mainly because my friend Karin loves it so much. For years, every October I’ve received a Halloween care package from her, and then every so often I’ve hopped on a plane to whoop it up with her and her family. A couple of years ago, in fact the year after I’d joined them as Chewbacca to go trick or treating, I started to knit her stuff for their Halloween display. 

The first year it was pull apart zombies:

The second it was disembodied eyes and witches. I don’t have pic but think of my well dressing gnome all in black, no beard, and with a broomstick instead of a rod:

And last year it was hats:

To be fair, I don’t usually start my Halloween knit in August, but given I’ve not touched the crocheting I started in January, I thought this year, I should give myself a bit more time. And because Karin reads this blog, I can’t really can’t say much more than that, otherwise it’ll spoil her surprise. Well, maybe one clue:

And maybe this pic too, taken after several false starts, a change in hook size, some swearing, and a wish that I’d read the pattern first:

I’ll keep you posted. Only 66 days to go! And then after that, only another 67!

No resources today, instead I thought I’d give another plug for my folklore postcard challenge on 1 September for World Letter Writing Day. If you’d like me to send you a handwritten (and hand painted) postcard on a folklore topic of your choice next week, click here to find out what to do.

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