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9 January 2020 – Crochet

9 January 2020 – Crochet

I had big plans for today. On my Folklore Spreadsheet of Many Things I was scheduled to write all about the assorted Twelvetide divinations I did during, well Twelvetide, and see if I could make any predictions about this month. But then I ran out of time and ran out of headspace, so I ended up crocheting a hexagon. 

My ability to fuck up crocheting never ceases to amaze me. It’s taken me almost an hour and a half to crochet one tiny hexagon (so much for my cunning time saving plan). It’s not even 9cm in diameter. It’s only three colours. And I think I did it on the wrong size hook. 

But I crocheted a hexagon because of days like these. Days when I have Other Life to do. And while one hexagon makes for a very nice coaster for a very small shot glass, many such hexagons will make for a very fine blanket for my very cold knees. Besides, the moths have had my fancy wool so any notion of knitting a traditional Shetland hap over the year is buggered. 

So, one hexagon down, only another 216 (according to the pattern) to go….

Ps. Glad to see everyone has been paying attention, especially me as yesterday, despite mentioning 8 January several times, I still managed to title my post as 7 January… No, don’t bother checking, I’ve already gone and changed it.

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