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14 July 2020 – Bastille Day

14 July 2020 – Bastille Day

I am very tired and this is a bit convoluted, so as briefly as possible:

  • It’s Bastille Day in France 
  • I’ve made croissants before and nearly broke a tooth on them, wasn’t going to make that mistake again
  • So thought I’d try French knitting, aka spool knitting, or corking, or tomboy knitting, reel, box or bung knitting
  • Didn’t have a loom
  • Had to make a loom
  • Out of a toilet roll and four lollypop sticks
  • French knitting looms have many other names like Knitting Nancys, knitting knobbys, and corkers
  • French knitting is very easy
  • And fiddly
  • And quick
  • Toilet rolls are a perfect palm size 
  • A Knitting Nancy is sometimes fancy. I think I had a doll one when I was little
  • French knitting was used as therapy for wounded soldiers in the First World War
  • It’s said French knitting was a traditional way of making medieval monks’ girdles
  • I made a tricolour i-cord instead
  • The cat is now playing with it

Here’s some pictures:

And here’s my favourite bit in Casablanca where they sing La Marseillaise:

No, you have something in your eye.


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2 comments on “14 July 2020 – Bastille Day”

  1. Susannah says:

    I want to do that! Looks like a bit of simple creative fun

    1. I’ll teach you it! It’s so easy!

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