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3 November 2020 – Crystal Ball pt 2

3 November 2020 – Crystal Ball pt 2

I thought tonight might be the night for busting out my homemade ink-filled crystal ball and seeing what the future holds. It started well, I found some black cloth, I turned off the lights and lit candles, I grounded myself, I cupped my ball. The glass was surprisingly cold, not supernaturally icy, but cold enough to wonder why it was that temperature, and remained that temperature throughout.

Then I looked. And I gazed. And I crossed my eyes like I was trying to see one of those magic 3D puzzles. But all I could see was a reflection. At one point I felt everything go a little bit swirly but then the cat started scratching and I lost my focus. It didn’t help that I had the Bake Off closing credits music going on inside my head. 

Next I tried picking up the ball with my dominant hand. I looked, I gazed, I went crossed eyed etc. Nope. Nothing. Maybe a figure standing behind me. I resisted the temptation to look. I moved position and the figure went away. It was then I realised I was covered in ink. So the ball was dumped back in its bowl, and I went to wash my hands. 

I can’t say I particularly enjoyed this one. Maybe if I’d started earlier, or if the cat hadn’t been watching. Or if the bloody ink hadn’t leaked everywhere. The small mercy, however is at least the ink doesn’t seem to be permanent. 

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