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16 March 2020 – Sensing My Aura

16 March 2020 – Sensing My Aura

Today I’ve been learning how to sense my aura. My only previous experience of auras comes from the lyric ‘Kiss my aura, Dora’, from the mighty Frank Zappa song Dinah-Moe Humm, but I was pretty sure that kind of aura sensing wasn’t what The Psychic’s Bible was suggesting.

Taking my instructions from TPB, I sat on a piano stool facing a plain wall in the gloom (no sunlight or artificial light allowed for this experiment). Then I grounded myself. This was a slightly different procedure from when I did the automatic writing or summoning my guardian angel. This was more about visualising roots sprouting from the bottom of my feet and growing down as far as the planet’s core, then white light being conducted through them back into me. I rather like grounding myself, it helps with lessening Other Life stresses. I should probably do it more.

Then, when I felt grounded and full of white light, I held out my right arm with my palm facing the wall, fingers apart. Have you ever looked at one of those 3D pictures when you have to half cross your eyes in order to see what the image is? Well, that’s what I did next with the space between my fingers and the space between my hand and the wall. And then I waited.

Auras are said to be made up of seven different layers of electromagnetic energy that surround the body. I was trying to sense the etheric layer, the densest and closest to the body. After a bit, I did start to see an outline around my fingers, a bright white outline that went from a couple of mm to 3/4cm depending on where I wasn’t looking. But it wasn’t fuzzy, the book said the outline would be fuzzy. Mine was sharp. And after a while the white is supposed change colour. Well I suppose mine did a bit. It went from a bright white to a bright light blue. And then my arm got tired so I stopped. However, just for a moment it was kind of fascinating looking like a cold version of the boy from the Ready Brek ad.

In order to describe the blue properly, I looked at a load of paint charts and colour palettes and the closest I came to what I saw was Alice Blue (or #F0F8FF if you want the Hex coordinate). I then found out that Alice Blue was named for a dress worn by the writer, fashion icon and socialite Alice Roosevelt Longworth, eldest daughter of the 26th President of the USA, Theodore Roosevelt. By all accounts Alice was quite a woman. A sword-wielding, self-described hedonist, partial to a dare, with one of her more famous quips being “If you can’t say something good about someone, sit right here by me”. So I guess if my aura has to be any colour, Alice Blue isn’t all that bad.

UPDATE: I’ve just been told by a dear friend, that auras are influenced both by health and by lunar cycles, so I might just repeat this experiment later in the year.


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The Pittsburgh Press – Sep 12, 1905 – Congressman Longworth was later to become her husband

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