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28 April 2020 – #EdBallsDay

28 April 2020 – #EdBallsDay

Today I’ve been celebrating #EdBallsDay. And what is this #EdBallsDay, you ask? Well, nine years ago today at 4.20pm, Edward Michael Balls, the then Member of Parliament for Morley and Outwood, and Labour Shadow Chancellor, tweeted his name by mistake (he was trying to search himself but missed). On seeing this Twitter faux pas (Twaux pas?), his tweet went viral and thus the yearly celebration of #EdBallsDay was born, making it a perfect example of an instant tradition.

But how does one celebrate #EdBallsDay? Well, some people start early, going for a traditional offering on #EdBallsDay Eve:

While on the day, there’s always the stalwart celebratory cake:

But some just like to remember his sunny uplands:

While others have a tendency to dwell on his Strictly highlights:

So with so much choice, I felt compelled to ask:

But then I saw this:

Which disturbed me.

And then this instruction:

So I did:

But despite my enthusiasm, the great man did not reply. However he did post this:

And do this:

So now we know. 

As for me, I celebrated by finding the volume of my own mini glitter ball*, while tutting about commercialisation, and watching Ed do Gangnum Style on Strictly as this genuinely never ceases to bring me joy. Each to their own. Happy #EdBallsDay!

*It’s 113.1 in case anyone is interested…


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