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27 April 2020 – The Book Of Answers

27 April 2020 – The Book Of Answers

Today Other Life got in the way, so I turned to The Book of Answers for a quick fix. The Book of Answers is a square, black and gold, brick of a book that does what it says on the cover. You have a question? It will give you the answer. Just hold it on your lap, place your hand on the cover, concentrate on the question, stroke the edge of the pages from back to front, open it at the place that feels right, and Bob’s your lobster, there’s your answer.

Sample answers include:

  • Make a list of why
  • Laugh about it
  • The answer may come to you in another language

And given the book is about 2” thick, there are a lot of answers you can pick from. 

So I asked a question, to which my answer was MAYBE. Very unsatisfactory. 

So I asked another; YOU MAY HAVE TO DROP OTHER THINGS. Not what I wanted to hear.

So I asked a final one; IT IS WORTH THE TROUBLE. Now that’s more like it.

The Book of Answers feels like a cross between the anticipation of a first kiss and your doctor telling you to quit smoking. Or as my Nana used to say, all mouth and no knickers. Mind you, there doesn’t seem to be anything in the rules that says you can’t ask the same question multiple times, just to make sure.


Bolt, C. (2000) The Book Of Answers, London, Bantam Books

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