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27 January 2020 – #BigGardenBirdWatch

27 January 2020 – #BigGardenBirdWatch

The Big Garden Bird Watch is an annual tradition organised by the RSPB and has been going more than 40 years. Over a dedicated weekend each year, the charity asks people to count birds in their gardens or in local parks for an hour and then send them the results. 

First off, I did have every intention of twitching today, it’s just that I never quite managed it. I got as far as laying out the bird spotting chart, and perching at a garden facing window. But then I fell fowl of my mother (whose garden facing window it was) as her chattering distracted me. Then my stepfather came in grousing about his computer, so I said I’d take a gander and we migrated upstairs. The old coot had got himself in a flap about his email, and not knowing quite what to do, I winged it. But luckily, I didn’t make a tit out of myself and the computer problem was swiftly dispatched. Unfortunately though, all this meant I’d run out of time. But luckily, Mum had taken my tern at the window and had recorded a whole ubiquity of sparrows. So with the clock ticking, I pecked my Aged Ps on the cheek and high-tailed it out of there.

I brooded on whether or not to come clean about not really doing the task today, but actually, a little family tradition did get fulfilled – my mum finishing what I started. She’s done my paper round, she’s typed up essays, she’s made rice crispy cakes for bake sales, and last minute school play costumes. And now she’s completed the #BigGardenBirdWatch for me. I am a very lucky daughter.

Also, sorry, not sorry for all the shoehorned bird language. You should know by now that I do love an over-egg…


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