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2 September 2020 – Wine and Song Moon

2 September 2020 – Wine and Song Moon

Bit of a low key one after yesterday’s bonanza. It’s the full moon again. And although September’s full moon is usually the Harvest Moon, because this full moon is so early in the month, the Harvest Moon is actually on 1 October as that one’s closer to the autumn equinox. Instead tonight’s full moon goes by various other names including Wine, Song, Corn, Barley and Fruit, with my personal favourite being Singing. So still harvest related, just skewed more towards the merry making side.

Luckily I decided not to sing for today’s folklore, nobody needs to hear that. Instead, I’ve put a jar of water outside to be blessed by the moon’s rays and tomorrow I’ll make it into a spritz. The article called for a mason jar, but I figured a jam one would do just as well. Plus my trusty pickle jar is temporarily seconded elsewhere. When leaving your jar out, you’re supposed to ponder on your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle, the idea being that the moon will then supercharge them through the water. But my pondering got very muddled. I had to backtrack several times and re-express them. Perhaps I should have just gone with be more clear. 

Anyhow, the jar’s out, the moon is due any minute, and I’m aiming for an early night. Once I’ve had a quick dance. When under the influence of a Wine and Song Moon, it would be rude not to.


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