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1 September 2020 – World Letter Writing Day

1 September 2020 – World Letter Writing Day

I have not stopped writing today and I almost made it, I just forgot that the post office closed at 4pm. It’s World Letter Writing Day and THANK YOU to everyone who entered the ballot for a handwritten postcard. At 8am this morning, I duly closed the form to submissions, printed everyone’s name and popped them into a hat, only for five to pop back out again. 

But then Other Life intervened, and as it’s also 1 September, I had to trot out this month’s #FolkloreFOMO post (do have a look and a suggest, I’m still trying to figure out what to do for tomorrow’s full moon), before Other Life returned once more to lob a spanner in the works. All I can say is, thank goodness I said five postcards and not stuck with my original idea of ten.

Luckily everyone’s suggested topic was fascinating. But that did mean five delightful rabbit holes I had to clamber out of. But they’re done now, I have a slight cramp in my hand, and the only thing the postcards need is a stamp. For the eagle eyed among you, yes there are six. I promised my friend Michaela I’d post her one regardless, as when I was out on tour, I had a tradition of sending her a postcard of every stop I made. She has many.

Thanks again to everyone for joining in, I’ll post them out tomorrow. If the lucky five could let me know when they get them, that would be great. I hope you like them… But apologies for the terrible hand writing.

I’m off for a lie down. And maybe a spoonful of tansy


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