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17 September 2020 – Tarot Personality

17 September 2020 – Tarot Personality

Very quick one tonight, I found out my tarot personality. Your tarot personality is based on one of the 16 face cards of the tarot deck – King, Queen, Knight and Page, with the Knight becoming the Prince, and the Page, the Princess. So I took the very simple two question test as outlined in The Book of English Magic and turned up a Princess of Pentacles. 

Now, as with all these things, it’s all about interpretation. And to give the PoP her due, according to TBoEM she does sound like a perfectly pleasant good egg, if a little dull. And the PoP also seems quite reminiscent of my supposed astrological personality, but is much more flattering than how either of my destiny number and numerology personalities turned out to be. 

However, also according to The Book of English Magic, these 16 tarot personalities have been said to correlate to the 16 personalities described by the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality test based on Jungian principles. So I took that too, or rather a free knock off it as I wasn’t going to pay $50. Came out an INFP (Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Perception (P)). I feel quite akin to the INFP personality, especially as the results told me that INFPs take ‘particular delight in the unusual’[1] and like to write. And thinking about it, the INFP description did have more than a touch of the PoP about it, just with a little more imagination and weirdness. So maybe there’s something in all this after all.


Header: My old pack of tarot cards. I look nothing like its version of the Princess of Pentacles, although I did appreciate the hare leaping in the background.

Carr-Gomm, P. and Heygate, R. (2014) The Book of English Magic, London, Hodder [1]

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