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2 April 2020 – Calculating My Destiny Number

2 April 2020 – Calculating My Destiny Number

Today I’ve been calculating my Destiny Number. To calculate your Destiny, or Karmic Number, take the full date of your birthday and add up all the numbers. However, the twist is only these resulting numbers are valid: 1-9, 11 and 22. So if you get a number that isn’t any of these, you have to add the numbers up again until you do. And no cheating, this is not a time to be coy about your age.

So for example, take Winnie the Pooh. His birthday, for all bears have birthdays, is 21 August 1921, which breaks down as 2+1+8+1+9+2+1=24, then 2+4=6, so Pooh’s Destiny Number is 6. Silly old bear. 

Before I started working mine out, I decided to have an opinion about all the numbers involved, that way I could either be excited or disappointed by the outcome. It’s been a long day.

1 – I’m indifferent
2 – is my favourite number
3 – is a magic number
4 – I quite like
5 – I’m not a fan
6 – meh (sorry, Pooh)
7 – far too hyped
8 – my second favourite number
9 – tricky bugger
11 – intriguing
22 – just a bingo number, although more swans than ducks

I have to admit, most of my impressions of the these numbers come from struggling with sudoku. Except for 3, that will always be Bob Dorough and his thumb piano’s indoctrination.

So you can imagine my excitement when I came out as an 8! My second favourite number! Again, it’s been a long day. I began to flick through The Book of Destinies, A Practical Guide To Predicting The Future by Jane Struthers, to find out what having a Destiny Number of 8 meant.

Harsh. Harsh is what 8 meant.

But actually, while the characteristics of an 8 are quite unflattering, I can’t say the description was entirely inaccurate. I mean it was wrong about a lot, but given your Destiny Number is all about life lessons you need to heed, the bits that did resonate felt like wrist slaps for what I’m aware I need to address. I still had a quiet hurumph though. But then, obviously just to prove my apparent 8-ish anal retentive doggedness correct, I went looking for a more complimentary explanation. And didn’t stop until I found one. 

By the way, I also stepped outside again today to clap for the NHS. You see, I told you it would become a tradition…


Struthers, J. (1997) The Book of Destinies, A Practical Guide To Predicting The Future, London, Collins & Brown Limited

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