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16 November 2020 – Odd Socks Day

16 November 2020 – Odd Socks Day

Even though I have three things to write about, I’m going to be super quick as Other Life is demanding my attention. 

One, it’s Odd Socks Day, a very new calendar custom which started in 2017, and is now celebrated in the UK at the beginning of every Anti-Bullying Week (today). Given that most of my socks are odd, today wasn’t particularly trying. Which was a relief (see Other Life above). Also, I couldn’t stand a bully at school and have no patience for them now, so was very pleased to do this tiny thing towards helping raise awareness. More information about The Anti-Bullying Alliance in Resources below. 

Two, disappointingly, the orange in the boot folklore was not for the win. My boot still smells of leatherette, just with a more citrusy twang.

Three, it’s super commentator, Glorious Barbara’s birthday. Despite her youthful good looks, she won’t mind me telling you that she’s actually 62 today. So in the age old tradition, please raise a glass and stuff your pie hole full of cake! Happy birthday, Old Girl!

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2 comments on “16 November 2020 – Odd Socks Day”

  1. Glorious Barbara says:

    It’s funny how your fingers accidentally typed 62 instead of 21! But I thank you for your moving birthday tribute.

    And the fact that you wore long socks, thus sparing me the sight of your ankles on my special day

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