14 March 2020 – Scambling

Today I’ve been scambling. To scamble, or skamble, means to eat in a makeshift manner, and is done on scambling days, aka Mondays and Saturdays throughout Lent. And as I needed to do some batch cooking today, I thought I could also do a bit of topical creative reinterpretation and combine the two. 

In the spirit of the scamble, I relied solely on fridge and cupboard supplies, no sneaking off to the shop for extras. The first batch made was a chilli in which I managed to use up two slightly shrivelled celeriacs, the next was a soup made from a cauliflower fast approaching withering, then a moong dal with a cumin and garlic tarka (so.much.garlic.), then a curry which sorted out my carrot and kale glut. So now I have a freezer packed to the gills, space to move in the fridge, and lunches and dinners sorted for a wee while. I know that smugness is very unbecoming, but I hope you’ll forgive me just this once….


Roud, S. (2006) The English Year: A Month-By-Month Guide To The Nation’s Customs and Festivals, From May Day to Mischief Night, London, Penguin Books

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