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11 December 2020 – Christmas Jumper Day

11 December 2020 – Christmas Jumper Day

I right royally cocked up the folklore today. I was blithe in the knowledge that I had a simple bit of weatherlore to observe and report on. Only when I got to doing a little bit more research on said weatherlore, I found my original source was wrong. By three days. Which left me, at 8.30pm this evening, with no folklore and end-of-busy-week brain to work something out.

Enter Christmas Jumper Day. Christmas Jumper Day is a relatively new calendar custom having started in 2012. It’s a day where everyone is encouraged to wear the most Christmassy of jumpers to help raise money for Save the Children. Trouble is, I hadn’t spent the day wearing a Christmas jumper because I do not own a Christmas jumper. So I knitted one.

A mini one. Which still took time. Which is why this post is very rushed as I’m trying to publish it before midnight. And there are flaws. The less said about the neck line and the off centre reindeer the better. But her nose glows. And it snows. 

I’m now off to donate to Save the Children, seeing as I’ve jumpered on their bandwagon. I’ve included a link in the Resources below if you also feel so inclined. Plus here’s today’s AdVent window:

Akerman Road, SW9. The Camberwell Submarine, designed by Michael Luffingham, Bill Jacoby, Lambeth’s Architects’ Department

Happy Christmas Jumper Day!


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5 comments on “11 December 2020 – Christmas Jumper Day”

  1. Glorious Barbara says:

    Aw it’s so cute!

  2. Glorious Barbara says:

    I’ve only got tuppence ha’penny

  3. Glorious Barbara says:

    Excellent! It’ll make a lovely present for my pet gerbil, Richard.

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