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9 February 2020 – Storm Moon

9 February 2020 – Storm Moon

Today, as it’s the Full Moon, I’ve been planting potatoes. More specifically, I’ve been planting the potatoes that have been chitting on my kitchen windowsill since buying them last week at Seedy Sunday. And even more specifically, I’ve been planting potatoes on the Full Moon, because it’s said that root vegetables grow best when done so. And also, because I need homegrown potatoes for a traditional Whit Sunday lunch on 31 May. 

My first challenge came when I woke up with horrendous vertigo, not the Hitchcock kind, the real kind where life is like living inside a spin cycle. My second challenge came when I realised the compost was still in the boot of my car. Incidentally, one of the names for this month’s Full Moon is Storm Moon, which is I feel is rather apt today. And thirdly, my kitchen floor is vomit inducing at the best of times, but under tungsten light with my head swimming, it became very touch and go.

So all things considered, I’m keeping this post short. I followed The Potato Man’s instructions, planted my five spuds, and shoved the whole lot under the kitchen table until it’s safe to lug it out to the shed. 

UPDATE 10 February 2020 – crossed fingers my website has finally stopped crashing, so here is the poll I tried to include last night:


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