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9 December 2020 – Coronation Street

9 December 2020 – Coronation Street

I think after multiple attempts at folklore baking, I can safely say I suck at it. However, I do know how to rock a hotpot. Today is the 60th anniversary of Coronation Street, the longest running TV soap opera in the world. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, and today marked its 10,101 episode.

And there was so much I could have done to celebrate the day; fashion three flying ducks for my wall; cosplay with rollers and a headscarf, or a leopard skin fur coat and high heels; or go to Blackpool and get mown down by an oncoming tram. Instead I decided to recreate Betty Turpin’s famous hotpot. Except without all the meat. And with lots of garlic. Let’s call it a homage.

Betty’s hotpot was one of the most iconic foods on TV when I was growing up. I had no idea what it was, I just knew it must be good as everybody ordered it at the Rover’s (the Street’s pub). It’s said the only person left knowing the true recipe is knicker factory machinist, Sean Tully, after Betty Turpin went to cook in the Great Kitchen Behind the Bar in the Sky. 

Hotpots are all about ease and layering. I went for maximum ease by not bothering to fry anything off beforehand and just layering up my spuds, onions, tomatoes and a slightly decrepit aubergine. Then I added water, olive oil, seasoning, and garlic, before bringing it to the boil on the hob, bunging in the oven for an hour, and Bob becoming my lobster. 

Some rather uninspiring laying photos for you:

However, due to a late start my timing was off, so my scalloped potato crust was a little soggy and I was too hungry to faff about with putting it under the grill. But, even if I do say so myself, it made for a great tea. And if BT was looking down at my effort, I hope she’d be asking “Right, who’s for Hotpot?”

And today’s AdVent window is:

Bessborough Street, Pimlico, designed by Eduardo Paolozzi

And just for my sister who used to do Percy Sugden impressions: ‘Mavis! Mavis! I’ve lost my little Randy!’

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