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7 May 2020 – Mother’s Moon

7 May 2020 – Mother’s Moon

Today’s folklore task is work in progress. It’s the third full supermoon in a row and the last one we’ll see this year. May’s medieval name for its moon was Mother’s Moon, due to May being such a frisky month. So I thought I would take advantage of the last supermoon rays and super charge my crystals (as suggested to me by the lovely Claire Slack). Thing is, the moon was full at 10.45am this morning. Which made things awkward. And then I made them worse.

I have great moon ray access both front and back of where I live, so I thought I would pop the crystals out the back late last night so they would be in prime position for mid-morning. Only both the rose quartz and the aventurine promptly skittered off my window ledge and into the darkness below. Much to my surprise both survived the fall, my kind neighbour fishing them out of her garden in time for me to collect this afternoon. 

So that just left my citrine to bask in the full moon’s rays. Except it was cloudy around elevenses. Meaning that didn’t work either. So I’m trying again tonight even though technically the moon is now on the wane. I’ve placed the crystals inside on the sash cross beam, and once the moon has swept round the front, I’ll ferry them over to the back for more moonshine goodness. And then I’ll go back to stuffing the rose quartz down my bra, as apparently that’s the place to put it. Apparently. 

I’ve just been reminded that yesterday and today are said to be unlucky days. Given it’s gone cloudy again, I couldn’t possibly comment.


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