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5 June 2020 – Rose Moon

5 June 2020 – Rose Moon

Today I’ve been waiting for the moon to rise. It’s full moon time again, they come around so quickly these days. The June full moon is traditionally called the Rose Moon or Dyad Moon (sometimes also Horse, or Mead Moon). Rose because of resembling the dog roses blooming in the hedgerows this month, and Dyad thought to be because of Star Wars Juno, the goddess of marriage and the uniting of a pair, or dyad. 

Trouble with the June moon is that it takes its time with rising. Or at least with rising up above the streets and house I need it to. So I’m sort of sat here, thumb twiddling and looking like a pervert nosy neighbour staring out of my window. I’m going back to the sofa.

Still no moon, despite it technically having risen over an hour ago. Although there is rather a lot of foliage in the way this time.

Just peered out the back in case I missed it. I haven’t.

I can see clouds now behind the chimneys, I’m hoping this is reflected moon shine.

More clouds.

My windows are super grubby.

Goddamn light pollution.

There’s a sort of glow above the rooftop opposite. This is not the usual place the moon emerges from, but this could mean I might make it to bed before midnight. 

I wish coconut cheese actually tasted like cheese. Just a little bit. It would make me so happy. 

I’ve just wiped my window with an anti-bacterial wipe as I couldn’t be arsed to go out to the car and get a windscreen wipe. It made very little difference and now the room smells of chemical lemon. 

The sky is definitely brighter. 

Just went outside to try and speed things up. After a hill climb, I found the moon hovering in an alleyway above the poling station. It was beautiful. 

Standing on the brow, I make a ‘crushing your head’ gesture with my thumb and forefinger and draw the strength of the moon into my heart. I do it twice, as the first time I actually say ‘I’m crushing your head, I’m crushing your head’. Which I also do the second time but I figure the moon has a sense of humour. Plus I thanked it. But didn’t curtsy. This time. 

Apparently drawing down the moon is actually much more complicated than that, but my friend David explained it to me using the Kids In The Halls method, and that was good enough for me. The moon is perfectly splendid tonight but I’m very glad I didn’t wait for it to pop over the rooftops, as by the looks of things that’s probably going to take at least another hour. Besides I need to go to sleep to see if I dream coconut cheese dreams. 


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