30 September 2020 – Lucky Pants

It’s time to talk about pants. Lucky pants to be precise. I needed an extra pinch of confidence today, so I wore some red undercrackers for luck.

Now, although some sources would have you believe wearing red bloomers is all about sex, it’s said that the red of your drawers chimes with the red of your root, or base chakra (which resides in the knicker region), thus boosting it. And when your root chakra is strong, so are you. Hence, red pants. 

And it worked. That, and the blue boots with the 3″ heels that made me 5’10”. And possibly the power pose I did in my kitchen beforehand. Anyhow, red pants are definitely the way to go.

And seeing as I’ve shown you mine, now it’s time to show me yours…

It’s pelting it down tonight, so I might have to start my star count yet again.


Header: Credit: © Getty Images, Massimo Strazzeri Photography

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