30 March 2020 – Mad March Hares

Today I’ve been trying to find the perfect soundtrack to two hares boxing. Obviously.

It’s March and I wanted to find me some Mad Hares, but all month my efforts have been thwarted, so rather than let the folklore go, I went online. And found this:

It was everything I ever wanted. I was transfixed. I kept rewinding it again and again. And then I decided it needed music. So I have literally spent hours going through my record collection and trying to match the song to the action. I have pages of potential soundtracks from Richard Harris singing MacArthur Park to Underworld’s Born Slippy. And weeping, as I cast aside such classics as Ace of Spades by Motörhead and Heatwave by Martha and the Vandellas, I have whittled it down to just five contenders. But I can’t whittle no more. Now it’s down to you. Which song should provide the soundtrack for these mighty mad March hares: 

By the way, any reference to Other Life in the song titles is purely coincidental, I think…


For more hares, check out the lovely @countrymousie:

Evans, G.E., and Thomson, D. (2002) The Leaping Hare, Faber and Faber Ltd

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    • 31 March 2020

      Yes that works well! You can’t beat a bit of playful Elvis!

  1. Sean Flinn
    31 March 2020

    Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick.
    Zorba, Stayin’ Alive and Rezillos yep, but tried Dury and crikey Moses.
    Long shots – Back In Black, Isla De Icanta by Pixies and Bob Dylan’s Subterreanean Homesick Blues. Really.

    • 31 March 2020

      All of them work brilliantly! But I think the Pixies just have the edge…

  2. Sean
    1 April 2020

    As so often.

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