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30 July 2020 – International Friendship Day

30 July 2020 – International Friendship Day

Right, I’m going to make this quick as I’m missing the Masterchef final. It’s International Friendship Day and I was shocked. SHOCKED. to discover that Friendship Day was the brainchild of Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards in 1919. Is nothing sacred? However, after various date shenanigans, the UN General Assembly adopted 30 July as the official international day back in 2011.

Despite having so recently tried my hand at tatting, to celebrate this calendar custom, I decided to embrace my inner tween, bust out my weaving moves again, and make a friendship bracelet. I mean, what else was I going to do? Actually talk to my friends? Just to make it a little more folksy, I picked a knotting technique that looks, if you squint really hard, a bit like a head of corn, given it’s Lammas in a couple of days.

So I did. And here’s some pictures. It was easy. So easy as to not be particularly satisfying, and I forgot how tiny wrists are, so it might have to be a friendship anklet instead. 

And as for Curing Insomnia Through The Medium Of Dance, it’s not that I didn’t sleep, it’s that I spent the whole night dreaming I was carrying around a hoover and cleaning up after a party. I did not wake up refreshed. But I also did not wake up in the wee hours and stare at the ceiling, so interpretive dance folklore for the win!

Right. Back to Masterchef. No spoilers.


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