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27 September 2020 – Stone

27 September 2020 – Stone

I was supposed to be holding a stone skimming competition down on the beach today, as it would have been the annual Easdale Island World Stone Skimming Championships. But Other Life had other plans, so my friends and I will have to chant ‘toss on’ at each other another day.

But keeping with the stone theme, and because time became a factor, I did a quick stone-banishing spell instead. Stone banishing as in using a stone to banish something, not banishing a stone. It probably comes as no surprise that I have a handy stash of stones. It’s like a compulsion, every time I go to the beach, I have to bring something back. And not just UK beaches. So I selected a handful that I didn’t mind infusing with negativity and tried to figure out which one to use.

None of them particularly sang to me, but when I picked them all up, one fitted really well in the palm of my hand in a comfortable-to-clutch kind of way. A bit like an oversized, weighty butter bean. So I went with that one.

The trick is to visualise what it is you want to banish and then pass this into the stone. My source said that to finish I should lob the stone into a fire. And duck. In case the stone exploded. But in the event of a lack of open hearth, bonfire, or arson, I could use water.

Sitting on the edge of my bath, I closed my eyes, clasped my stone and began visualising. I find theoretical stuff quite difficult to manifest, I tend to just do swirly motions in my head. I drove this swirliness into my stone, much like when I was forcing air into my fingers during levitation. My hand started to ache, but that was more to do with the clutching than anything else.

And when I’d done with all my banishing, I very gently tossed my stone into the pre-filled sink. Gently, as chipping the basin didn’t particularly appeal. My source didn’t say what to do next so I expect they were envisioning the water to be attached to a river or a sea and therefore stone aftercare wasn’t a factor. So I pulled out the plug, and brought the stone back out of the bathroom. For want of something better to do, I’ve put some larch on it, in the hope that will keep it in check. 

Not sure if the banishing worked. I don’t really feel any different. Maybe it’s one of those time will tell spells. At least my stone didn’t explode. Yet.  

I think my run of star counting might be scuppered tonight due to a thick layer of cloud. But I’ll keep checking regardless. 


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