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25 December 2020 – Christmas Day

25 December 2020 – Christmas Day

I was first out of the house today, so I have the luck seeing as I said ‘Welcome, Old Father Christmas’ as I opened the front door.

I was first out of the house today, so I could bring in some holly. It’s bad luck to bring holly into the house before Christmas Eve, and I brought in a mixture of spiky and smooth to ensure harmony and balance throughout the next year.

My St Lucy’s Day wheat grew. If I still had my knitted nativity, I could have made my offering.

On Midsummer’s Day I plucked a rose on the stroke of twelve, as it is said a rose plucked on the stroke of twelve on Midsummer’s Day will remain fresh until Christmas Day. It didn’t. But then I did arse this one up. On plucking, the petals were soft and smelled of apple, on unwrapping, they rattled and smelled of honey.

I boiled my Stir Up Sunday Christmas pudding for four hours before crowning it with the aforementioned holly, and flaming brandy. And very delicious it was too. If a little eggy, despite collectively having been boiled for ten hours. 

Because Christmas Day falls on a Friday this year, it’s said the winter shall be neither here nor there (although it was chapel hat pegs this morning).

I’m now off find a folklore fix for a broken stomach. Happy Christmas!

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