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23 March 2020 – Worry Doll

23 March 2020 – Worry Doll

Today I made a worry doll, because if you can’t make a worry doll on a day like this, when can you? 

I have a long history with worry dolls. I was given my first set as a pre-teen, these two have perched beside various bedsides for as long as I can remember, and the rest of the clan is sleeping in this here hanging bag. 

Where my originals are the length of a phalange and made out of wood, cloth and twine, I made mine out of a 12” pipe cleaner, some wool and a dab of hot glue. First you make a stick figure out of the pipe cleaner, then you bind the head, the top and the bottom with wool, and voila. It’s that easy. If you can’t tuck the wool in, pop some glue on the end and stick it to the body instead.

As anyone who knows me in Other Life can confirm, I have precisely zero fashion sense, so obviously I dressed my worry doll as an eighties reject. I was going for an orange mini skirt, stripy tights and red shoe combo (been there, done that), but somehow scored an extra ten points for making the shoes look like legwarmers. When finished, we watched a bit of telly together while I contemplated making a worry mermaid. 

And then I picked the hot glue dribbles off my desk. You’ve got to find the joy where you can these days.

UPDATE: I made the worry mermaid. Happy to take further cryptid requests…


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