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16 May 2020 – Eurovision

16 May 2020 – Eurovision

Tonight I will be watching Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light, aka the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 sans voting. I’m writing this now because a) I’ve had two late nights in a row and I’m old, and b) because we’re playing a Eurovision drinking game, and the level of kitsch on display tonight will determine whether or not I’m able to type by the end of it. 

In order to facilitate the alcohol consumption, I made us a Eurovision Bingo Card. It’s amazing how much time you can lose choosing fonts. As I haven’t really paid attention to Eurovision since the Bucks Fizz ra ra skirt reveal of 1981, I needed help with some traditional words, phrases and visuals that have become Eurovision standards. So first I asked my fellow Eurovisionaries what I should include. This also helped me gauge the level of drunkenness they wished to achieve. Given that one friend suggested including ‘song’, I’m thinking somewhere between Boom Bang-a-Bang and comatosed. Next came a shout out to the Twitterverse and as usual, it did not disappoint. Thank you everyone for your brilliant contributions, I have shamelessly plagiarised them:

So here is the Everyday Lore Eurovision Bingo Card. Feel free to use it and abuse it. It’s rigged to open in another page if you click on it. And if it does prove handy, let me know using the #EverydayLore hashtag and tagging me in @lilithepunk. But who knows if it will even work given the change in format. 

I’ll be making my mind up at the end whether to give an update or not. I might be too overwhelmed with the spectacle of it all. And the gin. Happy Eurovision!


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