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13 October 2020 – Ada Lovelace Day

13 October 2020 – Ada Lovelace Day

My day has been filled with awesome women, which seems appropriate it being the second Tuesday in October, and therefore Ada Lovelace Day. 

Maths was never my strong point. My only mathematical party piece is vaguely knowing my 17 times table and that’s only because I worked in a bakery where the doughnuts were 17p each. So I have nothing but admiration for Ada Lovelace, and the women of STEM, science, technology, engineering and maths, who have followed after her. 

To celebrate Ada, I watched a webinar with four such amazing women who talked about algorithms, robots, AI and the near future. Being a sci-fi and divination nerd, this was right up my alley. And it was fascinating. I can’t pretend I understood absolutely all of it, but it was a real treat to listen to what could potentially be round the corner, and why it’s so important to have different voices in the room when choices are being made and projects are being realised.  

Next I received a present from another most splendid woman, Holly from the Centre for Folklore, Myth and Magic. I was worried that my wormwood would be a wash out, so she very kindly cut a load from her garden and posted it too me. If you’re not already following her, you really should. 

And finally, I spent the evening online with two of my most favourite BFFs watching The Great British Bake Off. What started as a Masterchef lockdown tradition migrated to Channel 4 for a bit more cake. And right at this moment I could really do with a bit of cake. Instead I’m off to clear up some cooling cat sick. Oh the glamour. Happy Ada Lovelace Day!


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  1. Glorious Barbara says:

    For a split second I thought that was a photo of the cat sick

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