12 March 2020 – Gregory-Gret-Onion

Today I’ve been planting onions, for it’s said that sowing onion seed on St Gregory’s Day is a sure fire way of boosting your crop (and cashing in on the plentiful promises made via the weatherlore on 10 March). Today is also, for reasons only clear to Lancashire, called Gregory-gret-onion. 

The spuds have very conveniently left me a side of the grow bag, so the red and white mix spring onions went in there. Onion seeds are everso fiddly when trying to plant in a line, and I had to resist the urge to taste one. Then I filled another pot and scattered the purplettes in. Growing time is between 10-24 weeks. So we’re looking end of Mayish, hopefully in time for a spuds and scallions combo.

Now what on earth am I going to call this tracker…? The Onion Observer? The Scallion Scanner? The Allium Examiner?


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