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11 May 2020 – Taking Tea With A Druid

11 May 2020 – Taking Tea With A Druid

Today I’ve been taking Tea with a Druid. Every Monday night at 8pm, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids do a short live broadcast on Facebook, and as the day has been a little full on, I thought I’d let them take up the slack.

Tonight’s broadcast was led by Philip Carr-Gomm, one of the authors of the excellent The Book of English Magic which you may remember from such capers as Liza Frank and the Philosopher’s Stone and Renaissance astrological magic. He is also very big on ley lines, something on the list for me to try après-lockdown. 

I usually avoid Facebook as much as humanly possible so I naturally assumed when I couldn’t find the live feed that it was me. It wasn’t, which was reassuring. As the technical glitches continued it gave me a chance to check out his bookcase game (Level Four with a large mouse in a kimono) and have a mosey at the many people populating the comments. They came from all over, places like Long Island, Tipperary, Poland, New Mexico, Norway, Kentucky, St Lucia, Hampshire.

When we did get started, what followed was a philosophical discussion about limitations and limitlessness, with a short meditation at the end. I’m not sure I understood all of it, but it was frankly just delightful to be talked at with no expectation of having to reply. And finishing off, the brief meditation was pleasingly non-threatening and surprisingly effective. Anyhow, you can watch for yourself. And maybe see you there next Monday.

Carr-Gomm, P. and Heygate, R. (2014) The Book of English Magic, London, Hodder

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    Er, it seems you’ve linked to an ELO video by mistake!

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