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11 April 2020 – Easter Saturday

11 April 2020 – Easter Saturday

Today I got a bit turned around by some pom poms. Today is Easter Saturday aka St Guthlac’s Day and I decided to make an Easter Bunny. I thought about using felt, felting, macramé (I once made a very fetching macramé owl), dough, crochet, more knitting, before finally deciding on pom poms. 

Which might have been fine, had it not been for the resulting cognitive dissonance. Anyhow, I set about my pom poms as one would normally. The only change to the ones I created last century seemed to be the brilliant idea of cutting a notch in the cardboard disks so I no longer had to thread the wool through and through. 

My first attempt did not go well. I thought I would try a fine rough twine and make a soft teaselly kind of bunny. 

Nope. So I returned to wool, the pom pom material of choice. And for some reason I chose a golden yellow colour. The making went well, but I could feel something wasn’t quite right. Pom poms finished, I started the topiary. When they more or less resembled balls, I heated up the glue gun and began cutting the ears out of pink felt. The feeling of unease increased as I made raffia whiskers and found beads for the eyes. But it wasn’t until I started sticking everything together that I finally realised what the matter was (don’t judge, it’s been a long week), Easter Bunnies aren’t golden and sit like snowmen, Easter chicks, on the other hand…

Plus I’d made it look like a psychotic mouse. My crafting A game was way out of whack.

I tried pointing up the ears a bit more and widened the eyes and it did look a bit more rabbit-like, but not by much. Eventually, I resigned myself to the fact I’d created a Franken-bunny-mouse-chick pom pom monster. Albeit a cute Franken-bunny-mouse-chick pom pom monster. 


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