10 September 2020 – Cat’s Eyes

I’ve just tried staring into my cat’s eyes to see if I could see fairies, as it’s said that if you stare into a cat’s eyes you can see fairies. And glimpses into other worlds. This folklore is linked to the Celts and sometimes to the belief that Norwegian Forest cats are actually sprites in feline clothing.


My first viral tweet that.

Anyhow, my cat is a bog standard fat tabby, and while she does have floof game, it’s nothing compared to a Wegie’s. However, long story short, no fairies. Or glimpses into other worlds. Possibly because I’d pissed her off waking her up for an eyeball. Slightly more worrying was her eyes remaining unblinking slits during my casual headlock, which apparently means she was aroused and ready to rumble. 

Needless to say, I’ll be checking my shoes later. 





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