10 June 2020 – House Warming

Today I’ve been practicing the art of the house warming blessing. I have a new neighbour moving in today and never one to pass up a folklore opportunity, I left them a small, socially distanced gift first thing. Three to be precise.

Before today, my only touchstone for house warming blessings was It’s a Wonderful Life, although I do have a vague memory of somebody giving my Mum some salt on one of our many house moves. 

Ever wary of gluten free teetotallers, rather than leaving vino and a bap, I looked up a few alternatives, and landed on a candle and a coin. So now my new neighbour has salt so their life may always have flavour, a candle so their home may always be full of light, and an Australian dime so they may always dwell in good fortune. 

I also left them a note saying that if they’re ever beset by witches, I have something for that too. They’ve not introduced themselves yet. I can’t think why.



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