1 January 2021 – New Year’s Day

Just call me the Bean Queen!

Hadn’t expected these fellers to poke through before the end of the project, but here they are to greet the new year!

Last night was hilarious with all the midnight grape stuffing. My lovely friend, Javi went two for two having already gone one round with his Spanish family the hour before, and then others in our virtual party improvised with a handy pack of Maltesers.

We stayed up late. This morning was blurry. I washed a pan I wasn’t supposed to. It’s bad luck to do any housework on New Year’s Day. Got to love the timings of some of these traditions.

But I did remember to usher out the old year and usher in the new. Just not at midnight. Too busy trying not to snort grapes out of my nose with laughter.

And now, I think I’ll make it an early night. Things are still a little blurry. I did find some folklore that said I should sleep with a cabbage under my pillow for New Year’s night to give me money luck throughout the year, but I’m hoping that that means last night. Leaves are fine, but I’m not sure I can sleep with a whole one tucked underneath there.

Don’t forget to have a read of the last #FolkloreFOMO post of the project (it contains hangover cures, should you need them). Happy New Year!

Time left on The Everyday Lore Project


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  1. Glorious Barbara
    1 January 2021

    Yikes! I cleaned the bog earlier. Am I doomed?

    PS. Hope you awake unblurred after your early night X

    • 1 January 2021

      Totally doomed. But I think you’ve already had the bad luck – I’ve seen that toilet. X

  2. Glorious Barbara
    1 January 2021

    How very dare you!

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