3 Day Folklore Challenge

Results – Halloween!

Results – Halloween!

We have some unfinished Everyday Folklore 3 Day Challenge business today, but first, Happy Halloween! And later on at dusk, Happy Samhain! May all your turnips turn back mischief.

On Day 2, the folklore challenge was to sleep on seven bay leaves for seven nights, each bay leaf inscribed with either the name of a prospective suitor, the word ‘single’ or a question mark, and each morning a bay leaf discarded without being disclosed, until this morning, when the final bay leaf would reveal the matrimonial fate of whoever was doing the divination….

And in a twist that anyone who knows me saw coming a mile away, here is mine:

Click to reveal…

So how did you do? Did you get the name you wanted or are you now reaching for a very unhealthy breakfast to fill the void? Let me know in the comments below and if you’re on Twitter, show me!

Finally, it’s Publication Day in Australia and the US! A huge thank you to everyone who has been buying the book! If you like it, please leave a review/rating on your favourite book site to encourage others to check it out too. And if you don’t, well I still hope your turnips keep you safe tonight!

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