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A Howling We Did Go

A Howling We Did Go

There’s definitely something about meeting in a cold car park before tramping into dark muddy woods, getting disturbed by a couple of carved elephants, doing a vocal warm up, howling at the moon, going to the pub, eating chips, having a toast, catching up with friends, all whilst wearing a small witch’s hat that flashed. And then on the way home, much to my surprise, being escorted by security out of ASDA as I was handling some mushrooms because it had already closed and is no longer a 24/7 supermarket. I’d taken the hat off by this point. This may have been where I went wrong. Anyhow, here is some howling with a cheeky bit of product placement courtesy of my very lovely friend, Jo…

And here is me with my witch’s hat. Also courtesy of Jo.

So there you are. Everyday Folklore is all published and out there and I’ve not been arrested for disturbing the peace, it’s another win win! But did you howl? And if so, how did it feel? Personally, it felt very cathartic.

And that’s your lot until we meet again at Halloween for the divination results. Hope you’ve enjoyed playing along the last couple of days. And unlike me, I hope if you went outside to howl yesterday, you didn’t wear your freshly cleaned boots in decidedly mucky terrain… 🐺

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  1. Jennifer Dian says:

    My copy will arrive Wednesday. Is it in bad taste to leap out of bushes, snatch the package away from the delivery person, and hobble off cackling?

    1. I will be utterly devastated if you DON’T do this! The cackling bit especially!

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