23 June 2021 – Midsummer’s Eve pt2

It’s St John’s Eve, or Midsummer’s Eve and last year, you may or may not remember, I threw a handful of hempseeds into a hedge and ran from Death breaking the screen protector on my mobile in the process.

So anyhow, I thought a year on I would go back to the siding and see if any of my seeds had taken root. After all, the mustard seeds I’d found hidden at the back of my cupboard certainly had.

However after an (admittedly cursory) glance, there was nothing illicit to be seen in the undergrowth. But all was not lost, because what my hedgerow lacked in reefer, it made up for in cat mint. A huge stash of it. And given my cat has just saturated the stack of notes she was sleeping on in contented dribble, I’m calling that a win.

St John's Eve Folklore

Although, for the record, I am yet to change my screen protector.

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  1. Mark Elliott
    30 June 2021

    In the 1970s I used to grow hemp in the gutter of my parents’ house, but never had enough to make a decent spliff… now I find that here in sunny Spain, cannabis plants can actually be used as a form of fencing on farms – as long as it’s left to grow wild. Pigs love it, but then again, they are intelligent (and extremely tasty) animals.

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